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Preserving the Watershed

In Your Garden


Use fertilizers sparingly. Apply slow action fertilizer to your lawn only once a year in the fall. Sweep up any that gets on the walk, driveway, or street.


Avoid pesticides; learn about Integrated Pest Management


Vegetate any bare spots.


Compost your yard and kitchen waste.


Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces.


Transform a low spot into a rain garden.

Avoid Polluting


Never dump anything down storm drains. They go directly into our streams untreated.


Don't wash your car in your driveway or on the street. Take it to a a car wash where the waste water is properly disposed of.


Check routinely your car for leaks


Recycle used motor oil, batteries, and tires.


Pick up after your pet wherever you are.


If you have a septic tank, have it inspected and pumped regularly.

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