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Description of Buffalo Creek Watershed

The main branch of Buffalo creek is approximately 28 miles long from its headwaters in Bald Eagle Forest north of Hartleton to Soldiers and Sailor Park in Lewisburg.  With all its tributaries the watershed has 268 stream miles.  Located primarily in the headwater areas of Bald Eagle State Forest, 60% of the watershed is forested. As it descends from the mountains another 34% is agricultural land. Approximately 6% of the area is developed for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. The topography varies from steeply sloped forested mountainous areas in the western portion to rolling hills with gentle slopes in the farm valley floor to the east. The two boroughs of Mifflinburg and Lewisburg and the village of Cowan, Mazeppa, Forest Hill, Vicksburg, Kelly Crossroads, Buffalo Crossroads, and Pleasant Grove are all situated within the Buffalo Creek Watershed.  

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